Hour 1 - 03/03/18 12:00pm

This weekend I went back home to Pennsylvania, so I went shooting with a friend in Harrisburg. We started in the parking garage in downtown and walked around.

Hour 2 - 03/03/18 1:00pm

While in the lower leves we took a few photos. Here's my friend Justin doing anything to get the shot

Hour 3 - 03/03/18 2:00pm

My favorite shot from the roll, from the top floor of the parking garage.

Hour 4 - 03/03/18 3:00pm

Walking around an area outside Harrisburg, Justin and I found a funeral(?) setup in front of a decrepit building.

Hour 5 - 03/03/18 4:00pm

An Odd warehouse/antique store we came across called Atomic Warehouse. The owner at the cash register gave me a the creeps. Larger white guy, wearing a leopard print fedora and bright pink jacket. He must’ve been on drugs or his brain has been fried by drugs. Interesting guy, didn’t buy anything.

Hour 6 - 03/03/18 5:00pm

Getting later in the day, across the street while taking this shot a couple in a car called out to us to have their picture taken. Pictured is the girl (I didn't catch their names).

Hour 7 - 03/03/18 6:00pm

The couple modelling for their repesctive photos. As I was talking to them they said “You guys aren’t scared to be around here? You’re going to make it in this world.”

Hour 8 - 03/03/18 7:00pm

After a long day of walking, we went back to my hometown to get some Chick Fil A. Since I’m vegetarian I can’t eat most of their menu, but I can still enjoy the fries.

Hour 9 - 03/03/18 8:00pm

At Justin’s house, his family has two Dachshunds and his father loves them. He has several plush toys of wiener dogs around the house.

Hour 10 - 03/03/18 9:00pm

By now, Jusin and I were both tired so we parted ways and I passed out. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of my bed. So instead, here is a recreation by Ferris Halemeh.